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Boardwalk Tattoos was established by Abel Quinones & Su Hood. Both artists decided to open their own tattoo shop that is owned by artist and for artist. In an industry where most shops are owned by non-artist or investors, it was time to put together an old school shop the way it was done back in the day. Real Tattooing by True Artist.

Abel Quinones has 25 years of tattooing under his belt. Originally from Southern California, he has found a place to call home here in San Antonio. He specializes in Portraits, Realism, and intricate designs as well as Custom Work. He has spent his entire life in Art, from Graphic Design to Art Directing. He has always tattooed and has utilized his past work experience to achieve some of the amazing tattoos he does today.









Su Hood whom apprenticed under Abel also has a background in Art. She studied in Drawing/Illustration with charcoal, prismacolor and other mediums. She is known for her clean line work and intricate detail in her tattoos. Su Hood is one of the most fast “up and coming” female artist in San Antonio. Both have established a loyal clientele and continue to put out amazing work.









Bobby Hulsey has been in the tattoo industry as an artist since 2007. He was apprenticed by a 3rd generation tattoo artist Adam France. Originally from Kokomo, Indiana,  Bobby has always had a love for the arts and different mediums. Also a commercial award winner artist. His styles vary from New School to Neo-Traditional, always willing to hand draw custom designs  with bright bold color and solid black and grey work. A must see for your next tattoo.

A Tattoo Shop like no other. Come join the excitement and get the Best Tattoo of your life.